Family Law, Marital Dissolution and Divorce Services

Our Commitment to Effective Divorce Representation

No two marriages are alike. Consequently, no two divorces are going to be alike. No single approach is going to be right for every case. Selecting the divorce process option most appropriate to the client’s circumstances and goals is as important as the selection of a lawyer. We work to assure each client selects the divorce process that will work best to meet the needs and concerns of that client.

Our first task is to assure the client is aware of all of the divorce options, including divorce litigation, self-representation, Divorce Mediation, and Collaborative Practice. As part of the education process, clients should consider attending a Divorce Options ™ monthly workshop to obtain additional information about the options available to divorcing couples, and about the divorce process itself.

Having extensive training and experience in assisting divorcing clients in all types of divorce proceedings, the professional staff of Helon & Manfredo LLP is uniquely able to provide effective advice and representation through the entire process--from the initial selection of the divorce process option to the conclusion of the matter--whether it be litigation, divorce collaboration, or divorce mediation.