Divorce Mediation

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A neutral mediator assists people in reaching a resolution acceptable to all. The mediator's role is to help the participants determine what is most important to them in an agreement and to assist them in gathering the relevant information. The mediator facilitates communication and helps to guide the participants to an agreement. The mediator may help the participants memorialize the agreement in writing. Attorneys can be used during the mediation, either as consultants or participants, and can be used to review the written agreement.

Mediation without attorneys at the meetings works well for people who feel comfortable speaking for themselves, and who can analyze information and negotiate without an attorney individually assisting them.

Mediation with attorneys present works for those who wish to have the additional guidance and advice of attorneys during the mediation session. It also works well for those who reach an impasse during traditional representation and wish to try mediation with attorneys before going to court.

John M. McDaniel has served as mediator in family law matters, as well as a court-appointed special master. John has received mediation training through the Center For Peacemaking and Conflict Studies at Fresno Pacific University as well as the Northern California Mediation Center.